The UAB Red Mountain Writing Project is hosted at the UAB School of Education and lasts from June 5 – 29. The camp is already having a huge impact on students, including several GEAR UP Birmingham students.

Each week, the theme and activities cover various topics, such as writing about Birmingham, fake news, music awareness and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Students also receive special assignments called “journal your journey,” in which students write about a specific topic or about their experience on a tour.

The first week’s theme was “Writing around Birmingham.” Throughout the week, students took field trips to several Birmingham locations, including the following: The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Regions Field and the Southern Museum of Negro Baseball.

After touring the different locations, students crafted an argumentative essay to “journal their journey” and recreate their tour around Birmingham. Students in the after-camp enrichment program listened to Dr. King’s letter from the Birmingham Jail and viewed video clips on other related topics.

For week two, the theme is fake news and the impact it has on students’ global awareness. Speakers from three countries plan to expose students to global issues as well as their separate cultures.

The theme for week three is “Music to My Ears.” Grammy Award nominee, Alvin Garrett, will act as an in-house musician to assist students on writing their own lyrics and using technology to create music.

During week four, the theme is STEM. Science teachers and experts from the McWane Center will instruct and assist the students in an expository essay on their reflection of the deadly tornado that passed through Birmingham in 2011. Students will also “journal their journey” as they write about how they would construct a tornado-proof structure.

For more information, please contact co-directors Dr. Tonya Perry and Dr. Lisa Stewart or visit